Badlands Brush Pant

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We don’t know why those birds like to live in the thickest, nastiest, thorniest, rip-your-legs-openiest terrain possible. But until we can finalize our aviary relocation program, we’ll have to deal with it. Protect your legs with our most durable pant ever. Designed with comfort-stretch fabrics where maneuverability is key and durable, tough-as-nails materials from thigh to boot, the Badlands Brush Pant will keep you comfortable and protected on your next trip to Briarville.

Features and Specs: 

  • Comfortable, Stretch Fabric for Ease of Movement
  • Ultra-Durable, Reinforced Fabric From Thighs to Hem
  • Articulated Knees for Flexibility
  • Gusseted Design for Comfortable Fit and Movement