Black Widow Xtrm Interest

If you live in the south and want to bag the biggest buck around, add Black Widow Deer Lures Red Label Southern Dominator Whitetail Buck Urine Deer Attractant to your hunting arsenal. It specifically targets America's southern subspecies of whitetail deer – especially mature bucks. This attractant from Black Widow is made of fresh male deer urine with tarsal and interdigital gland secretions. Red Label Southern Dominator is taken from mature whitetail bucks that are 3.5 years or older. This deer lure sends the signal to the big, local bucks in the area that there's a doe-stealing challenger nearby. This brings out the territorial side of mature bucks, and they'll come looking for a fight. Works from mid-September on, and it works great on mock scrapes or from a dripper. Size: 3 oz.
Manufacturer model #: R0106.

  • Targets America's southern subspecies of whitetail deer
  • Attracts the big, mature bucks
  • Fresh, natural, male deer urine
  • Tells bucks that there's a doe-stealing rival nearby
  • Works from mid-September on
  • Spray on mock scrapes or from a dripper


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