After the trophy of a lifetime hits the dirt, let your K2 Ultralight Skinning Knife get to work. For the hunter that needs both a lightweight and reliable skinner blade, The K2's large, sweeping edge spreads cuts over a long surface to maintain sharpness while preventing accidental hide cuts.

A tapered 1/2 inch Saber Grind reduces the steel near the blade edge so there's less material to push through with each sweep — resulting in butter-like cuts.

Additionally, a longer handle with multiple grip positions improves performance and feel on fine, shallow cuts as well as deeper cuts on thick, stiff hide.

A new premium Black Ceramic coating option provides improved abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Cryogenically treated A2 Tool Steel blades keep your edge sharp until the job's done, so you can make taxidermist-quality cuts. Whether it's on a Desert bighorn or the buck you've had your eye on, K2's are made for preserving hides and the memories that go along with them.