John Keene

Meet John, founder of Bowtreader. John has been bowhunting for ___ years.

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Michael Edwards

Michael is the shop manager for Bowtreader in Statesboro. Michael is a second generation hunter that has been shooting a bow since


Brice Farmer

Brice is a first generation bowhunter and a Bow Tech with us at Bowtreader. Brice got into bowhunting through his grandfather and has been an active bowhunter for 10 years. Brice picked up the sport quickly and enjoys trying out all the newest products on the market.

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John Wesley Keene

John Wesley is a second generation bow hunter that got into bowhunting through family and friends. Bowhunting has become priority in his life and is how he enjoys spending his free time.

John Wesley uses the Mystery Ranch Treehouse 20 as his whitetail pack. (what does the pack do, super quiet, strap around tree.)

Knifez, flashlight and headlamp, power bank, reusable hand warmers, range finder, mixture of mechanical and fixed blade broadheads, back up release (what type) extra clothing depending on weather.