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Welcome to Bowtreader! We are a full service archery supply and outdoors pro shop. Our goal is to provide you with high quality products and top-notch service for all of your archery supplies and outdoor needs.

As passionate bowhunters ourselves, we aim to spread that passion to archery enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. The Bowtreader brand is about making sure our customers have superior service and products to make their archery experience the very best.

We carry top of the line archery equipment and accessories including compound bows and crossbows, arrow rests, quivers, stabilizers, releases, broadheads, bags, and more. Our online products are available for shipment or in-store pickup for our local shoppers.

3D shoot tour of GA

We're so excited to announce that we are launching a statewide 3D shoot archery tour! Throughout this tour, we will affirm our mission of encouraging others to live an active lifestyle in the great outdoors, be engaged as Patriots in this great country, and live vertically in tangible ways all across the state of Georgia.

Next location: Sylvester, GA

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Where we talk about life, our Creator, and the great outdoors. Join us as we work to not only become better sportsmen and women, but as we journey to live out our calling.

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Bag a tagged coyote for a free lifetime hunting license.
To Trap or Not to Trap - Is That Really the Question?

Ask any group of hunters or land managers their opinion on trapping and you're sure to get a mixed bag of responses... The idea of not trapping is so far removed from who we are. Trapping is what built America. What do we do when a non-native predator is introduced? How do we save the hunt?

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Living Off the Land
Living Off the Land

It’s February 1st in South GA. That means the days in the woods are about to shift from pursuing our favorite big game animal, the whitetail deer, to caring for the land...

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The Story of Mr. Charles
The Story of Mr. Charles

Meet Mr. Charles Howard, long time bowhunter, faithful customer, and a great friend of Bowtreader. At 83 years old, he is still able to go hunting and care for the outdoors. Here's a little bit of his story.

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More Than Just Bow Hunting Supplies

It's true that we have a huge selection of bows, accessories, hunting apparel, and more. In addition to all of the accessories, we also offer custom arrows. Shop our range of hunting knives so you are always prepared.

We also offer bow repair and service to help you get back to the blind as quickly as possible. Whether you need assistance with a repair, adjusting your draw weight, restringing your compound bow or crossbow, or dialing in your sights, Bowtreader is a full service bow shop near you.

Full Service Archery Shop

Bowtreader is conveniently located at 818 S. Main St. in Statesboro, not far from I-16. Archers and bowhunters across Georgia trust Bowtreader for their archery and bowhunting supplies. Don't wait until hunting season. Come see us today and discover the difference shopping with a local, family-owned company makes.

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