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The Stretch combines the best of both worlds of the 2-Piece and the QD quivers. It has a hood that attaches to the upper riser mount and a gripper that attaches to the lower riser mount, providing a long span to securely hold the arrows and keep them from rattling around, but the hood and gripper are connected by a lightweight carbon rod and both have a quick detach knob so you can quickly remove the quiver without the use of an Allen Wrench. This quiver is ideal for hunters who shoot with their quiver on their bow and prefer the 2-Piece quiver but want to take it off from time to time.

Lightweight and extremely tough, Carbon Superlite quivers are part of Hoyt’s In-Line™ Accessory System and feature adjustable mounting positions to allow the quiver to get as close to your bow as possible. When paired with Hoyt’s Integrate Arrow Rest and Picatinny Sight Mount, your quiver can get insanely close to your bow riser for the most balanced rig you’ve ever had.

Features and Specs: 

  • Adjustable mount positions let you get your quiver closer to your bow for a streamlined, balanced setup.
  • Adjustable placement
  • New foam inserts
  • 9 finish options


9,000+ Color Combinations
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