Any experienced hunter knows that a good knife is one of the most essential items on their belt. Have you found your old pocket knife is unable to keep up with your needs? The staff at Bowtreader can help you find what you need among the largest selection of hunting, utility and pocket knives for sale in the Statesboro area. You’ll leave with a knife set you can trust to get the job done with blades from brands such as 

  • Kershaw
  • Dawson 
  • Spyderco
  • Outdoor Edge
  • Esee
  • and more

From Hunting to Everyday Carry, We Provide

Having the right knife for the right situation is crucial. Will a fixed blade knife or folding knife be more suitable for your needs? Field dressing a deer or batoning wood, you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of the woods with a broken hunting knife. You need to consider what type of situation you’ll find yourself in and what your priorities are before deciding on what knives you want to buy. 

Kershaw: Inexpensive and durable, Kershaw knives are a brand you can rely on. Since their beginning in 1974, Kershaw has been dedicated to providing quality knives.  A favorite among those looking for a trusty EDC knife and hunting knife, they’re best known for their SpeedSafe® assisted opening that allows for users to open almost any knife with just one hand

These knives are excellent whether you want a thumb stud with assisted opening or prefer that manual feel. Kershaw is here to make sure you don’t have to waste a second tackling any situation thrown your way.

Dawson: The beauty of Dawson blades isn’t just in their utility, but in their craftsmanship. Every knife you purchase is totally unique, owing to their heat-treat technique based on a Japanese process that has been practiced for over 1000 years. 

They provide a range of different finishes to bring out the hamon, or the visual outline of the hardest area of a blade. One of their most popular is the Arizona Copper for those who wish to see the raw steel itself. Made by a family of talented knifemakers, these hand-crafted blades are specially crafted for tough situations.

Spyderco: The patented round hole you’ll find in all our available Spyderco knives doesn’t just make for an iconic silhouette. All of their folding knives can be opened swiftly with just one hand due to the wide surface area, as opposed to a standard two-handed open nail nick. 

Outdoor Edge: For the hunter looking for a trusty, multipurpose knife, Outdoor Edge is an outstanding choice.  These blades offer the ability to swap from gut hook to drop point in seconds. Outdoor Edge provides this versatility with a wide range of replaceable blades. You’ll never need to waste precious time sharpening with these razor sharp steel blades.

ESEE: Manufactured by survivalists for survivalists since 1997, the ESEE knife is sure to keep as steady under pressure as you. Every ESEE blade is rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand everything the harsh wilderness throws at you. With a wide range of fixed blade knives with full tang, these knives can withstand even the toughest of situations.

Here at Bowtreader, our staff will help you figure out the knife that suits your needs best. It doesn’t matter if you’re breaking down a cardboard box, skinning a deer, gutting a fish, or cutting line, these knives will get the job done in no time. 


Since 2018, we have proudly served Statesboro and the surrounding area with quality hunting bows, crossbows, accessories, and apparel. In that time, our customer base of bowhunters, archery experts, and hobbyists has expanded across the country.

One focus that has never wavered is our commitment to integrity. Our reputation is important to us. We believe that every interaction gives us the opportunity to prove that integrity. That is why we work to provide excellent products and honest service for our customers near and far.


We are a family-owned and operated business who live our lives with four guiding principles: Service, Teamwork, Patriotism, and Vertical Living. We aim to serve one another and our customers. We do this side-by-side as a team with pride in our country and a desire to honor God in everything we do.

If you are in the market for a new blade, we are here to help. Our stock includes some of the best names in the industry, and our knowledgeable, friendly staff are always ready to answer any questions you may have. Stop by our store at 818 S. Main St. in Statesboro, Ga or shop online. 

Don’t forget to check out our blog, The Saturday Morning Post while you’re here.
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