Elite Energy 35 Compound Bow | Impressive Arrow Speeds in a Forgiving Package

As the choice of many of today’s top professional archers and bowhunters alike, the Energy™ series continues to build an extraordinary resume of performance thanks to impressive arrow speeds, Elite’s exclusive Riser Cage™, beyond parallel limbs and generous 7-inch brace heights. Energy Series bows deliver rock-solid performance into a forgiving and shootable package in the line or in the field. The redesigned limb pocket system of the 2016 Energy Series improves stack tolerances to propel bows in performance while delivering a shooting experience second to none.

The Elite Energy 35 is one of the most ideal bows in archery. It is touted as "probably the most shootable bow ever." The innovative Caged Riser is the first thing usually noticed about this bow, and quite honestly, can throw you off. Once you feel this rig, pull it back, and release that first shot, you are sold. This rig is strong, fast, and accurate, and the draw cycle is quite possible the smoothest available, and the shot is deadly accurateWith a 35" ATA, 7" brace height, 24.5" - 31" draw length, and a variety of peak draw weights, this bow will fit virtually any shooter, and definitely will fit into any situation. If you are looking for a rig that will get you noticed and step up your game, this could be it. From the 3D range, target range, or any hunting situation, this rig will satisfy almost everyone.

This bow is a 40 pound 24” draw length 

Axle-Axle 34 3/4" +/- .125"
Brace 7" +/- .125"
String 57 1/4"
Cable 39 3/4"
Centershot 3/4"-13/16"
Mass Wt. 4.5 lbs.
Peak Weights 40, 50, 60, 65, 70