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XS Stock with built in ACUdraw De-Cock for safe crossbow de-cocking

Forget the hassle of carrying a target to discharge your bow, or risking damaging an arrow by discharging it at the end of the hunt – the patented ACUdraw De-Cock is simple, silent, and safe and allows you cock and safely de-cock with easy 5-pounds of force.

If you don’t take a shot, push the de-cock button and safely de-cock the crossbow with the built-in ACUdraw De-Cock. While de-cocking, you can remove your hand from the handle at any point and it will stop in its place, eliminating the potential of injury or damage that may occur with other de-cocking systems on the market.

Tactical Stock with Rope-Sled

The Tactical Stock features an adjustable butt stock that locks in six positions and allows for up to 2.5-inches of adjustability in five different 1/2-inch increments. Designed to provide adjustability and versatility for all shooters, the stock dramatically reduces the overall weight of the crossbow as well – making it easier to handle, and a light crossbow.

Features & Benefits

  • ACUdraw De-Cock Cocking & De-Cocking System (optional): Provides silent cocking & safe de-cocking.
  • Tactical Stock with Rope-Sled for manual de-cocking: Locks in six positions & allows for up to 2 ½” of adjustability in 1/2-inch increments.
  • D1 Trigger (patented) 2-stage, zero creep design featuring a DFP (Dry-Fire-Prohibitor) deliver a consistent, crisp 3 ½ – pound pull.
  • Lighted Pro-View Scope: Includes lighted colored dots (red & green) with aimpoints out to 60-yards.
  • Pre-Sighted at 20-yards: Pre-sighted by American workers before leaving the factory to ensure your success.
  • Built in America: Built, tested, and inspected by American workers to guarantee craftsmanship you can depend on.
Package Includes:
  • ACUdraw De-Cock Cocking & De-Cocking System (optional)
  • Tactical Stock and Rope-Sled (optional)
  • Pro-View Lighted Scope
  • 3 Match 400 Carbon Alpha-Nock Arrows
  • Quiver

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