DOA C.A.L Airhead Swimbait

This thing is nuts! In freshwater or salt, the D.O.A.® C.A.L. Swim Bait forces game fish of all sorts to attack with its outrageous look and action. The broad, deep-bellied profile features an oversized vertical paddle tail that pumps out amazing flash and vibration – predators can't let it go by! Rig the C.A.L. Swim Bait on a big worm hook or weighted swim hook to ferret out bass in heavy cover, or pin it to a jighead when fishing inshore for redfish and snook.

  • Outrageous look and action
  • Broad, deep-bellied profile
  • Oversized vertical paddle tail
  • Creates amazing flash and vibration
  • Deadly in both fresh- and saltwater