DOA Deadly Combo Cigar Clacker

Consisting of one oval float and one nightglow or gold glitter D.O.A.® 3'' shrimp, the Deadly Combination comes ready to fish, just tie the Deadly Combination on and cast. The D.O.A shrimp lure is capable of out fishing the real thing and is deadly for almost every saltwater species including snook, redfish, flounder, trout, tarpon and jacks. The Deadly Combination is one of the most proven fish-catching methods of all time. Contains one bobber and one shrimp per package.

  • Combination of 3 shrimp and cigar-shaped clacker
  • Natural swimming action
  • Impregnated with shrimp scent
  • Hi-vis orange clacker attracts fish and indicates strikes
  • Ideal for snook, redfish, flounder, and more.