Fuse Flywheel Slider

The Fuse Flywheel Slider sight offers a simple, crystal clear sight picture. Let your eyes and mind focus on the target, hold the pin steady and execute the shot. The Flywheel slider sight adjusts quick and easy for action packed hunting situations and locks down solid for repeated accuracy. Adjust to the exact distance, hold your pin dead center and let it fly. Fuse Flywheel Slider sights eliminate the guessing game in any hunting or shooting situation. The super-smooth adjustment wheel makes it quick and easy to adjust your sight on the fly, dialing to the exact yardage for unmatched shot-making confidence and lethal accuracy.

Features and Specs: 
  • Quick-Adjust Slider
  • Micro-Adjust Pin Housing
  • 3-Stage Sight Light Included
  • .019 Precision Pins
  • Pre-Printed Sight Tapes Included
  • 2nd And 3rd Axis Adjustments
  • Machined Aluminum Construction