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The Carbon RX-5 is rated at 342 ATA, has a 6.25” brace height, and 30” axle-to-axle length. Weight is listed at 4.4 lbs including Shock Pods but without the Short Stop stabilizer.

There is also a new sidebar mounting location that also helps lower the mass while reducing the weight needed to do so.  Check out Hoyt’s new SL Sidebar mount to work seamlessly with the new bows.

Picatinny Sight Mount

Another new feature that you will notice is the Picatinny rail mount on the front of the riser. 

All these new innovations and features add up to a great shooting bow. The Hoyt Carbon RX-5 is quiet and dead in the hand. The draw cycle is smooth enough that you might think you are drawing a lighter poundage bow than you are.

A new cam system — the HBX Hoyt Binary Cam — is coupled with Hybrid EXT split limbs to power the new rig to speeds reaching 342 fps. In addition, an inline sight mount with Picatinny rail attachment has been added to the QAD Integrate Rest mount fixture to enhance overall balance, while the X-Act Grip offers comfort and control.

New Riser Technology

The RX-5 rig coalesces around the unique, hand-laid Hollow Carbon Tube Riser that is fashioned into a reflex configuration and the company’s proven Tec Riser design. Hoyt taps into the unique design’s ability to route shock and noise around and away from the shooter’s bow hand. The company’s manufacturing processes and the strength of carbon create a proven combination that passes Hoyt’s extreme testing (1,500 dry fires and one million shot cycles) with flying colors.

Hoyt also brings back the popular X-Act Grip on the RX-5. The one-piece, molded polymer grip is designed to add comfort, encourage a neutral wrist position and promote proper form with increased accuracy as the primary goal. Shock Pods mounted near the bottom of the riser join with the riser-mounted string stop and string-mounted Hole Shot to reduce vibration and shot noise.

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