Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Non-Insulated

Support  is essential for travel in rocky uneven terrain typical of any mountain hunt.  Support also helps when side hilling and reduces foot fatigue.  Especially when you are carrying any type of backpacking weight.  Support is accomplished with these features:

Heavy duty midsoles - Full length 7mm formed nylon midsoles are the heart of the boot.  They are very stiff but eventually conform and develop flex.  We recommend 50 miles for full break in.

Super thick full grain uppers - 2.8 mm thick full grain leather utilizing single vamp construction with no seams down the tongue. 

Strong Lacing Hardware - The best lacing hardware available that is cast instead of stamped metal.  The lacing loops swivel instead of breaking and really take a beating in the rocks.

K-Talon or K-73 outsoles - are designed for excellent grip in rocky terrain.  They feature open relief with excellent multi-directional traction. 

K-Talon are lighter and the K-73 are more durable and less sensitive to heat.

Light Weight  Historically supportive mountain boots have weighed over 5 pounds a pair.  But because of modern technology, we are able to build a Kenetrek Mountain Boot that weighs only about 4 pounds a pair today.  The obvious benefit to the customer is less physical fatigue from using heavy boots.  We reduce weight in the boots with:

K-Talon EVA Outsole Layer- We reduce boot weight by using an EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) outsole layer over the more common PU (poly urethane) material.  EVA requires additional labor versus the molded PU outsoles.  EVA also provides exceptional adhesion but it is heat sensitive.     

Celastic Heel and Toe Counters - These heel and toe counters form the shape of the boots and they are very light in weight.  They are also heat sensitive.  Another reason why customers should never dry their boots with uncontrolled heat from stoves or campfires!

Cement Outsole Construction - In stead of a traditional welted construction, we utilize a cement (glued on) construction for attaching the outsoles to the boot.  This reduces the size of the outsole which is the heaviest part of the boot.  This is also why the rubber rand is so beneficial to prevent the wear of the leather uppers.

Comfort  There are numerous other brands of quality mountain boots, but the most important selling point about the Kenetrek Mountain Boots is their comfort.  Most of our customers absolutely love the comfort of our boots.  In a side by side comparison, most will choose Kenetrek.  We always  tell customers to choose the boot that fits their foot the best.  Some of the features that enhance the comfort of the Kenetrek Mountain Boots are:

Extra Padded Soft Collars- The soft padded collars at the top and back of the boot provide a smooth flexible transition from the firm support of the ankle and foot.

EVA Outsole Layer- The EVA layer in the outsole not only saves weight as mentioned earlier, but it provides noticeable shock absorption from impact.     

Flex Notch Upper Design - The Flex Notch upper design allows the leg above the ankle joint to flex forward and back while maintaining the support of the foot and ankle below the joint.

Supportive Insoles - Included with every pair of mountain boots is a pair of Kenetrek Supportive Insoles.  They provide a superior arch support and heel pocket most customers prefer.  Note for flat footed customers (about 10%), we offer a softer cushion insole as an alternative.  

Kenetrek Last - We have developed our own exclusive lasts which provide a rounded open toe box and a more forgiving heel pocket that tends to fit North American feet better.  We also offer a true wide (EEE) and true narrow (B) widths.