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 We got tired of using dump pouches that were either loud, flimsy in construction, too small, or have pocket options that just aren't practical for navigating the woods in the dark. The result was our own unique rendition on the traditional saddle hunting dump pouch. This pouch is big enough to fit a 40', 8-9mm rappel rope no problem.

Pro Tip – If you are new to saddle hunting, most will run two pouches, one on each hip, to optimize storage and access to ropes and other accessories. 

Features and Specs: 

  • Larger Size – Sized larger than other options on the market at 13" tall and 7" wide, both your lineman belt and tether will easily fit in a single pouch, opening up your second dump pouch to carry accessories. No more fighting to squeeze that last piece of gear into your pouches only to later stuff it into your backpack at the end of the night in the dark because you can’t get it back in your pouch. Do you hunt from a ring of steps? A set of 5 steps fits with ease. 
  • Zippered Pocket – Nothing drives us crazier than gear pockets that do not close securely, so we added a zippered pocket to our pouch design. At 12" tall and 7" wide, it is sized to fit most cell phones, a license, or our favorite item…a seasons worth of milkweed.  
  • Heavy Duty Construction – Mesh dump pouches are nothing new, but our mesh material is made with a stronger, stiffer construction that holds it shape when stuffing important items into your pouch in the dark.  
  • D-Ring – The #1 request from our field-testing team was to add an attachment point to our pouch strong enough to hold a climbing stick if need be…check.  
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