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Slate - This is not your typical slate call. It produces the sweetest and most mellow sounds that great slate calls are known for, from the softest tree yelps to awesome clucks and purrs. It is great for soft calling, but what makes this slate a real standout is that Kevin built this call to run almost like a glass call. You can crank down on this slate and get higher pitched and aggressive when you need to and even make it a little raspy. This call produces smooth yelps of all volume levels. It also has a great break and rollover to it. This slate is truly at the top of the list. Matched striker is included.

Glass - Glass calls have a special sound of their own that turns turkeys on. Featuring the Pecker Wrecker logo in full color underneath the calling surface, this glass call produces a higher pitch and more rasp than slate calls. It is great for locating and long distance calling and will cut through the wind. But you can still tone it down and get soft and sweet with it. It has an awesome break and rollover and cuts wonderful. Very realistic yelps and great clucks and purrs for sweet talking those longbeards when they get close. This is a high quality call that you’re sure to love. Matched striker is included.

Crystal - Crystal surface walnut pot with a walnut soundboard. This call is unreal and a must have for your turkey vest. Super great yelps and cuts just pour out of this call. It has that higher, nasal pitch with a great front end and rollover/break. Crisp notes with a nice raspy tone. Just like all of the Pecker Wrecker friction calls, you can crank on it and get the volume you need to cut the wind or reach long distance, but you can also tone it down and play it soft. Call comes with a 2-piece Dymondwood striker.

Ceramic - This ceramic calling surface is unique and it produces tones and sounds like no other. I have heard countless accounts from hunters telling of how something about this ceramic call just turns longbeards on. It has it all. You can crank on it and get aggressive with great volume or you can tone it down and call soft and sweet on it. This call has a great rollover and break and also yelps and cuts extremely well. Hunters (and turkeys) are finding out about this calling surface and its popularity is spreading fast. You won’t regret having one of these in your vest. NO conditioning needed. A matched striker is included.

Aluminum - This aluminum call has a stoned aluminum surface that is new to the market. It has a little “bite” or “grab” that makes it easier to call on than some aluminum surfaces. Aluminum has a unique pitch of its own that can pierce the wind and is great for locating. This call can also be toned down and played soft and seductive as well. Awesome yelps, clucks, and cuts with great rollover along with the unique pitch make this a call that you will want to add to your vest. Condition with scotchbrite or alcohol pad. Matched striker is included. 

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