R500 Crossbow Bolts

Designed exclusively for use with the Ravin Crossbows R500 series of crossbows (not included), the Ravin Crossbows R500 Series Carbon Arrows deliver consistent long-range accuracy with optimal kinetic energy. Made of 100% carbon, these match-grade arrows offer unmatched durability and straightness retention so you can count on the arrow's superior flight stability and performance hunt after hunt. Outfitted with engineered nocks built to lock into Ravin's unique trigger system, these arrows also feature high-impact aluminum nock bushings for added string impact strength. Fletched with offset 2" high-profile vanes to create a more stable flight and reduce in-flight vibration. Weighing 400 grains with a 100-grain field point or broadhead, these high performance crossbow arrows arrived equipped with brass inserts to minimize the loss of kinetic energy during flight. 6 pack. O.D.: 0.346". I.D.: 0.30".

  • High performance arrows built for Ravin Crossbows R500 series crossbows (not included)
  • Consistent long-range accuracy with optimal kinetic energy
  • 100% carbon construction
  • Top-notch straightness retention
  • Engineered nocks built to lock into the Ravin trigger system
  • High-impact aluminum nock bushings - added string impact strength
  • Offset 2" high-profile vanes - more stable flight and reduced in-flight vibration
  • Brass inserts - help minimize the loss of kinetic energy
  • 6 pack