Slick Trick SS3

Much like the original SlickTrick designs, the SS3 is an evolved head that flies like no other. With a super short, machined single-piece design, the SS3 is another SlickTrick broadhead that does it all. Again and again. 


The SS3 includes a proven mix of geometry and weight for a laser-like flight from any bow. Three blades stabilize the head quickly for never-before-seen accuracy. The machined single-piece construction brings all the energy of your chosen bow and leaves a slug-like hole for maximum devastation on impact. 



1 1/8" Cutting Diameter

Three-Blade Design

Chisel Tip

Machined Single-Piece Design for maximum durability

Non-Vented for Silent Flight

416 Stainless Steel with Black-Oxide Coating

Available in 100 Grain