Stan Xtinction 2

The all new Xtinction 2 from STAN blends target grade performance and field grade simplicity to the hunter with its’ range extending hammerless Sear & ½ Technology (patent pending). This new technology eliminates the effects of weight stacking with leverage rather than isolation (which is used in most double sear mechanisms). The result is a simple and reliable release that exceeds the performance of a double sear yet fits in a much smaller package.

Feature Highlights

* Independent trigger travel and tension adjustments

* Web connect model has a custom machined clamp assembly that allows for an infinite number of length settings with no risk of slippage.
* Hard connect model comes with a rotationally adjustable connection mechanism allowing for a full 1¼ inch range of length and a small, tight D-loop to maximize arrow speed.
* Web connect model comes with rotating head allowing a small, tight D-loop to maximize arrow speed.