Trophy Ridge V-Max IMS

For Picatinny Mount

The next generation of the world’s most-popular arrow rest, the original Whisker Biscuit; is here. Trophy Ridge is proud to introduce the all-new Whisker Biscuit V Max with Integrate Mounting System technology.  The legendary reliability of the Whisker Biscuit combined with the Integrate Mounting System provides a rest with unmatched resilience to the hardest of hunts.  The innovative V-shaped design of the rest naturally centers the arrow using fewer points of contact, eliminating side-to-side arrow movement, resulting in consistent arrow trajectory shot after shot. The Whisker Biscuit V Max’s perpendicular bristles reduce vane drag and allow the arrow to slice through the bristles with ease, maintaining velocity with every shot. This incredibly accurate and consistent arrow rest makes tuning a breeze with its advanced tool-less micro windage and elevation adjustments and convenient laser-engraved reference marks on the aluminum housing.